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As an entrepreneur who experienced changes due to COVID-19 social distancing, I was engaged by GoDaddy to create content for their #OpenWeStandCampain.


The goal of the campaign was to:

  • drive traffic to the #OpenWeStand microsite,

  • present a CTA, and 

  • inspire & connect with other entrepreneurs during COVID-19

We also provided social media video, imaging, and copywriting on Facebook feed & story, Instagram feed, story, and IGTV, Twitter, and finally, the blog. 


With hundreds of views and impressions on my personal IGTV, 62% of account impressions completed navigation to the microsite link, while 30% shared the content on their personal social accounts! 

During the campaign, our site 75% traffic increase to the blog, and more than 55% of that traffic went on to visit the microsite. 


The campaign was a success!

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