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Pandemic Playlist: My 'Instead of Wigging Out and Losing My Ish To-Do List'

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

And then suddenly... There is an influx of authors, musicians, artists, and other makers getting down to the business of creating! So I guess y'all got time today, huh? I have even received a number of inboxes, emails, and calls from folks wondering if I can still help them with their business. The answer is yes, and might I add, THIS makes my heart smile!

I will have another post to follow in a few days that details all that is available from Assilem Media and how you can get your business moving... even in the midst of a pandemic!

Remember folks, Proverbs 18:16 says that your gifts will make room for you so even in the midst of uncertainty and all that's going on, yes, you can still move forward with your dreams, your vision, and the calling placed on your life! Per the usual, it's just going to be about making a plan to get going. So let's get it; it's our time to shine!

For me, it was being a student in the last few years, a full time working mom, having all of the many appointments, basketball games, track meets, and all of the many parenty(yes, that is a word - I just made things I have had to do; I've waited. I said I would wait until things calmed down a bit, or at least until I graduated, to finish and in some cases start what I have had on my to-do list. I admit that was just procrastination wrapped up in a diverse list of excuses, even good ones, at times. Yes, procrastination gets me, too! then bam! Just like that, there's a pandemic, worldwide, and I literally GOT. TIME.

To keep it all the way real, there is literally an entire finished post in, sitting in my drafts folder for this blog, that has essentially been ready to publish for weeks now. For serious, all I had to do was CLICK. THE. BUTTON. As I said, procrastination gets me, too! No worries, though, it's coming.

In other news...

I just returned from a celebration/decompression trip to the West Coast where I spent much needed time with family and celebrated my completion of school. Since I'm a certified Data Scientist now, I also wanted to check out the tech landscape, with my own eyes, to see just what is out there.

Then, all the breaking news updates, Facebook lives, even memes, let me know this was not a drill and by the time my trip was winding down, I was wondering if I would even get a flight back to the Midwest. Well, the good news is, I made it back and even worked a few days in the office at the firm before spending the remainder of this week getting set up to work semi-remotely.

There is no bad news...

I've been very intentional about maintaining my calm. With all of the talks of the pandemic and crisis in our current world, I have taken the time to think, to process, and last, but not least, to meditate, and pray.

Additionally, there are other things I have done to keep my level of chill intact because some folks are wigging out! Flat out! I thought I would share the things I have done to not lose all my collective ISH like all those people buying toilet paper(still not understanding why this is a thing; hand sanitizer I get, but the TP, not so much; I digress).

Here is my 'Instead of Wigging Out and Losing My Ish To-Do List':

  1. First of all: TAKE A BREAK from social, and this may be VERY difficult, but even just a few hours away from the news updates will help you NOT. LOSE. YOUR. ISH.,

  2. Self-care: Meditation, yoga, face masks, deep conditioning, sage/palo santo your home, pray, read your word(just a few things I've done),

  3. Listen: Finally take some time to get into that new album, in its entirety, start to finish, no skipping folks. The new Daniel Caesar is pretty lit; new as in he dropped 'Case Study 01' in 2019, but I just got to listen to it all last night; 3 times to be exact. Another great listen, Sa-Roc. I have listened to her single 'Forever' every morning, for essentially, more than 365 days. Every. Single. Day. It's my theme song and will likely draw you in as well to the entirety of her discography, just like it did me. Since I can't take chances on you trying to find it, here you go, and YOU. ARE. WELCOME,

  4. Start listening to that podcast, or reading that blog you wanted to. Here are some podcasts that I have been tuned into for a while: Dave Anderson's Business Bully Podcast, Sophia Amoruso's Girboss Radio, Jennifer Mattern's All Indie Writer's Podcast, The GaryVee Audio Experience, and Pam Perry & Vernita Sherman's Digital Business Acceleration Podcast, are a few to get you started. Don't forget the indieBOSS Talk Podcast is pretty lit, too!

  5. What to watch: Netflix has some awesome series (and movies) to veg-out on. My favorites are the Hip-Hop Evolution documentary, RAPture, Good Girls, When They See Us, Self Made(the Madam C.J. Walker story), Miles Davis: Birth of Cool, and Black Mirror, are just a few,

  6. Get on your Audible ish: Get to all those audible books you've been stockpiling. Download Audible and get that FREE book you wanted to check out. The ones that I am currently finishing is 'Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me' by Charlamagne Tha God, Rakim: Sweat The Technique, and Gary Vaynerchuk's Crushing It!, or pull that book off the bookcase and READ IT,

  7. Get to work: Start working on YOUR podcast, YOUR blog, or YOUR book you have been meaning to work on, or in my case, finish,

  8. Another way to get into some new music: ALL. THE. TINY. DESK concerts - H.E.R. is my favorite! HERE is the YouTube

  9. Now is also a great time to read the bible(jus' sayin'), and finally,


In summary, do the things you've been putting off because you haven't had the time, energy, or simply have procrastinated.

Shift your worry, shift your anxiety, shift your panic to the positive energy of creating, and self-care. I encourage you to also reflect on Psalm 91: 6-10. If you are going to pray don't worry, and if you're going to worry don't pray. The former has been working for me.

Blessings, love, and light y'all,

MRR <3

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